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Soft Speed Bump Kit Barrier Shop

A safety rider bump kit helps you to slow traffic without the harsh bumps that normal speed bumps cause. The motorist can easily drive over the bump at a safe pace since the speed buffer is distributed over a greater distance. Its smooth and consistent surface eliminates the heavy bumps that come with asphalt speed humps. It’s ideal for colleges, nursing homes, industrial, residential, and parking lots, among other places. HGVs and buses can be handled by the Safety Rider speed hump. The speed cushion should reduce traffic speeds to less than 13 mph, and its high-visibility markings will alert drivers to the ramp’s presence. We would also recommend displaying traffic signs in the area. End Caps are also available in female and male versions, allowing you to have a bevelled finish on the side of your road hump. The six fixings per section also ensure that the ramp is durable once installed and can last much longer in areas with heavy HGVs and buses. The speed bump’s yellow markings ensure that it is highly noticeable and can be seen by all motorists in the area. Each speed bump unit in the safety rider series is 50mm high, 500mm wide, and 900mm deep. Individual units may be linked together to create a larger hump, with the male and female ends slipping in at the top. A three-year warranty is included with each speed hump. A safety rider speed bump is an excellent way to slow down traffic in a variety of situations. For the latest in traffic calming steps, order now from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment.

1. A speed bump that is spread out over a wider area
2. Allows traffic to travel at a safe pace over the bridge.
3. Assists in reducing traffic speeds to about 13 mph.
4. The surface is smooth and highly visible.
5. Tires that have been recycled
6. A three-year warranty is included.

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