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Floor Cable Protector Barrier Shop

The 9-Metre Floor Cable Protector is designed to keep cables and cords secure in a work environment. Polymer is used in the construction of the cable protector. There is no rubber odour to the polymer. The smooth and sloping sides, which enable trolleys or carts to be rolled over with ease, are an added feature. The protector is simple to clean and comes in 9-meter lengths. You can easily cut the protector to suit your needs. The width of the aperture ranges from 14mm to 22mm. The height ranges from 7 to 10 millimetres. Black is the only colour choice. The cable protector is non-conductivity to BS903-C5 500V and fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 Class 3. Under normal working conditions, the device is made of high-quality materials and is long-lasting. According to a recent customer review for the product, the protector was simple to cut and the accompanying video was excellent.

• Non-conductivity to BS903-C5 500V
• Smooth sloping edges allow for quick trolley passage
• Ideal for any indoor setting to minimize the risk of trips and falls over loose cables
• Easy to clean coating 9m of length is given, which can be easily cut to suit your needs.
• Made in the United Kingdom

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